Harmony is the goal of lifes quest. Every living entity searches for happiness and satisfaction. But still we live in a world with so much suffering, in a world where ultimately everything ends with death. So how can one find harmony here? What does harmony actually mean and what means perfect harmony?

The answer of yoga is very complex. The instructions and the practice start with the harmony of body, mind and soul. The asanas, the body work of Hatha-Yoga, cleanse the body and lead to excellent health. Pranayama and dhyana do the same for the mind and create a perfect interaction between body and mind. The result of this practice is deep inner peace and balance. The mind clears up, fears vanish and the inner ease shines out of the yogi to his surrounding.

But this peace is just the first step, not the final goal of yoga. When the yogi advances more on his path he discovers his own spiritual nature, which is only temporarily connected to his body. He experiences that this spiritual identity is his true self and that to live according to this fact will free him of all pains of life.

The highest form of harmony is living according to the reason for activity of his true identity - flawless spiritual love, Prema Bhakti. This all-embracing love is that strong that even the search for harmony becomes secondary and only the object of this love stays in the focus of attention. And who is this "object"?

He is the origin of all being, the source and father of all souls.